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Egg Incubator

The purpose of this product is to design and develop the system of an smart egg incubator that able to incubate various type of egg named as Smart Egg Incubator System for Various Types of Egg.

The SEIS will fill up with the temperature and humidity sensor that can measure the condition of the incubator and automatically change to the suitable condition for the egg.Modern day incubators need accurate and precise temperature monitoring for optimal performance and output. The health of egg is very important for the development of embryo within the egg.Improper control means that the temperature or humidity is too high or too low. The temperature within an incubator must be precisely maintained within certain limits for optimum growth of the egg. Also the egg has to be periodically tilted every four hours to avoid the setting of the yolk. In this product we are use the Circulating Air Incubators and in this case have fans for air circulation, and in such incubators the temperature has to lie within the range from 37 to 38.5° C.In this work, electric bulbs were used to give the suitable temperature to the egg whereas water and controlling fan were used to ensure that humidity and ventilation were in good condition. LCD is used to display status condition of the incubator and an interface (Keypad) is provided to key in the appropriate temperature range for the egg.



1)Temperature,humidity andturning frequency are digital ,displaying, also adjustable according to your actual request.

2) Automatic turning system with tilting the eggs 45*,once per two hour;you can set the turning interval time you need.

3)Automatic air cooling system and automatic ventilator.

4)A glass window in the door,you can see the whole hatching process through the window.

5)Big middle fan with automatic heating and roller humidifying system.

6)Backup emergency and alarming system for insurance using.

7)Made of polyester, double wall construction for a perfect insulation.

8)The incubator combines the setter and hatcher together in one.



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