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Garbage monitoring system

This project IOT Garbage Monitoring system is a very innovative system which will help to keep the cities clean. This system monitors the garbage bins and informs about the level of garbage collected in the garbage bins via a web page. For this the system uses various sensors placed over the bins to detect the garbage level and compare it with the garbage bins depth.The LCD screen is used to display the status of the level of garbage collected in the bins.The LCD screen shows the status of the garbage level.The system puts on the buzzer when the level of garbage collected crosses the set limit.

We have a two types of  Garbage Monitoring system

1)wifi based

2)GSM based

Specifications -

1)more accurately.

2)various sensors.

3)message can be sent directly to the cleaning vehicle instead of the contractor’s office.

4)Ease of operations with accurate and real-time data will provide significant information.

5)Futuristic trucks which can automatically collect garbage via their updated technologies will benefit from such a monitoring system.


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