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The environmental condition& equipment working status as well as human safety has a great influence on resources,daily production and environment in industry. Because of improper environment condition and improper working status of equipment in industry majority of accidents were caused Similarly the environmental condition monitoring is also important in home for energy consumption monitoring, switching on & off remotely appliances to avoid accidents, detection of window and door openings. Usually human inside their home interact with the environment setting like temperature, light, etc. & regulate accordingly. If the environment setting can be made to respond human behaviour automatically & then there are several advantages.Internet of things based data logger can serve a solution for the problems addressed above. Utilizing the facility of IOT can achieve online real time monitoring of equipment working status & environmental condition as well as controlling. It can make sure that the equipment work in its security zone and under environment protection state as well as in energy saving mode. It can not only monitor but one can also analyse the causes of the fault & identify faulty components from the log file created by it on data base server.


We have a two types of Data logger

1)wifi based

2)GSM based


1)Alarm Type: LED Indicator

2)long Battery Life

3)Data Storage Capacity

4)Power Status Indicator

5)Shows web page through which user can control the device over the internet.

6)Clicking different buttons as shown in figure.

7)User can control device over the internet.

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